The San Francisco Coalition for Responsible Growth (SFCRG) is a broad based organization representing architects, artists, business owners, community stakeholders, entrepreneurs, engineers, housing advocates, organized labor, planners, property developers/owners, real estate related professionals, investors, and political activists.

SFCRG is dedicated to creating an effective coalition that fosters well planned growth by addressing the needs and concerns of all stakeholders. San Francisco must grow its employment base and develop new housing at all income levels. To accomplish this SFCRG will bring an honest, open approach that includes all San Franciscans in the process.


SFCRG is a broad-based organization that embraces diversity and seeks a moderate political position that considers all constituencies. SFCRG wants to shape the future of San Francisco. SFCRG advocates for high-density housing, mass transit, jobs for all, small businesses, quality of life, plus timely and predictable public policy. SFCRG members know that responsible growth is necessary for San Francisco to thrive as a world-class city.

Our mission reflects the energy, passion and spirit of SFCRG to lead into the future.


The purpose of this organization is to engage in candidate electioneering and take other political action to promote public policies which will promote responsible growth and rational community development in San Francisco, California.

SFCRG provides a vehicle for collective participation in support of candidates for public office who share the view and values on issues of importance to our members. We also examine and make SFCRG’s views known on questions of broad public concern not only during the election cycle but whenever SFCRG’s voice will make a positive contribution.

Who decides which candidates to support?

The SFCRG Board of Directors in consultation with legal and political consultants advises whom to support. The SFCRG Board will look at the candidate's position on key issues, the location of his/her district, the need for funds, the candidate's committee assignments and other important criteria. The SFCRG Board will solicit and consider the views and recommendations of all of its members.

Board of Directors

Drake Gardner

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Board of Sups
Membership Commission
(Recruitment and Retention)
Mel Murphy
Ed Riordan
Affinity Group Outreach
(Political Allies)
Luke O'Brien
Ron Vernali
Candidate Recruitment
and Vetting

Ed Riordan
Rodrigo Santos
District Election Research
Charles Turner
Anne-Marie Russo
Community and Charity Group Outreach
Charles Turner
Ron Vernali
Diarmuid Philpott
Rodrigo Santos
John Keogan
President Chairman
Shane O'Reilly
Historical Commission
Henry Karnilowicz
Robert Noelke
Election research
Planning Commision
Drake Gardner
Simon Kwan
Board of Permit Appeals
Rodrigo Santos
Building Inspection Commission
Mel Murphy
Board of Supervisors
(Land Use)
James Gallagher